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Capital City Web Awards Red Carpet

Choice Affair-Birthday Celebration Nov 12th 2016

Creature Feature: Bride of the Gorilla

Creature Feature: Dead Men Walk

Creature Feature: Dungeon of Harrow

Creature Feature: Funeral Home

Creature Feature: The Ape

Creature Feature: The Freakmaker

Creature Feature: Theseus & The Minotaur

Dance Connection-Spotlight Don

Dance Connection-Spotlight Kay

Dance Connection-Spotlight Love

Dance Connection-Spotlight Mickey

Dance Connection-Spotlight Ruth

Dance Dc Tv-Mr. Mambo's 14th Anniversary

Dance Dc Tv-Part 2


The DCTV capacity building grant program offers eligible nonprofits an array of benefits that build organizational communications and storytelling capability and provides an ongoing presence on cable television. We designed these grants to offer training and expert guidance to the nonprofit community, which enables you to robustly expand your impact within the DC community.

“Grant Level” is the amount of money your organization contributes to receive the grant. The grant term is initially one year and requires a very small organizational match. DCTV will provide documentation so that you can appropriately record “in-kind” services in your financial records. Grants may be extended or renewed with DCTV approval.