Program Submission Form

Online Program Submission Process

Follow these steps to submit your program online.

  1.  Complete and submit an Online Program Submission Form
  2. Upon receipt of the Program Submission Form, a Show ID number will be assigned within 48 hrs.
  3. Your Show ID number will be emailed to you along with the On-Line submission format settings and instructions. 
  4. Upon receipt of the Show ID and instructions, producers must be upload the program file within 2 days.


Program Submission Form (in person or mailed)

Unlike the Online Program Submission, your programs will have to be encoded.

Member Information
Submission Request:
Program Request
Show Promo:
Series Request
Program Information:
Has this show previously aired on DCTV?
I understand and agree, in accordance with DCTV Producer Manual, that by requesting this program to be telecast, I am (or the member organization I represent is) an access channel producer, and therefore fully responsible for content of the program when telecast, whether or not I actually produced the program myself. I am (or the member organization I represent is) fully liable for all claims arising from unauthorized use of copyrighted material or any other charges of unlawful conduct an will hold harmless the Public Access Corporation of DC (DCTV), its directors, officers and staff. I have obtained the necessary releases to have this program telecast.