Nonprofit Capacity Grants

As a nonprofit organization serving residents in Washington DC, you know how important it is to reach your audience and tell powerful stories of community transformation. But in the age of social media, it’s harder than ever to cut through all the noise.

DCTV’s Capacity Building Grants provides the opportunity to share your expertise by appearing in dynamic programs on our dedicated cable channels. Boost your social media platforms with potent new video content. Strengthen your communications capabilities with valuable media education. And join a dedicated group of people working to uplift our communities.

Applications for 2019 are now closed. To learn more, and receive information about the next round of this valuable grant opportunity please email

The grant application is easy and straightforward, and the grant provides incredible value for the minimal required match.

Check out all the grant benefits in the following table and find more detailed descriptions below.


Grant Value $10,000-$20,000 $20,000-$30,000 $30,000-$50,000
Match Amount DC-based: $350
Outside DC: $500
DC-based: $750
Outside DC: $1,000
DC-based: $1,500
Outside DC: $2,000
Grant Benefits
(aired throughout program schedule)
Up to two (2) distinct PSAs
(aired throughout program schedule)
Up to three (3) distinct PSAs
(primetime placement throughout)
  PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT One (1) guest feature or appearance Two (2) guest features or appearances Three (3) guest features or appearances
  PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT PROMOS Advanced promotion of Program Spotlight (discretionary placement) Advanced promotion of Program Spotlight (midday placement) Advanced promotion of Program Spotlight (primetime placement)
  COMMUNITY CALENDAR Priority placement for on-air listing of your events in the Community Bulletin
  PRE-PACKAGED CONTENT Schedule, promote, televise, stream your organization's pre-packaged content and/or programming
  PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT (PSA) DEVELOPMENT Consultation and resource toolkit for self-production Development and production support Custom production by DCTV
  MEDIA STRATEGY CONSULTATION Two (2) free hours per grant cycle Four (4) free hours per grant cycle Eight (8) free hours per grant cycle
One (1) repackaged clips Two (2) repackaged clips Three (3) repackaged clips
  PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT PROMOS DCTV will produce a short promotional spot to announce and highlight your Program Spotlight
  MOBILE MEDIA TRAINING Instruction on creating and optimizing videos on cell phones and tablets using latest editing apps
  VOICE AWARDS< Two (2) complimentary tickets Four (4) complimentary tickets Six (6) complimentary tickets
  NETWORKING EVENTS Access to exclusive gatherings for DCTV grantees and community partners
  AUTHORIZED DESIGNEES Primary contact, plus one (1) Primary contact, plus two (2) Primary contact, plus three (3)
  VOLUNTEER NETWORK Access to exclusive list of DCTV-trained and certified volunteer producers and crew
Additional Discounts
  IN-HOUSE, OFF-SITE, AND/OR POST- PRODUCTION 5% discount on creative services 10% discount on creative services 15% discount on creative services
  MEDIA EDUCATION CLASSES 5% discount on all class registrations 10% discount on all class registrations 15% discount on all class registrations
  CUSTOM MEDIA EDUCATION 15% discount on custom production workshop or consultation
  EVENT SPACE 5% discount on renting event space 10% discount on renting event space 20% discount on renting event space
  STUDIOS (SET OR GREEN SCREEN) 4 guaranteed hours per grant cycle 10 guaranteed hours per grant cycle 16 guaranteed hours per grant cycle
  EDITING BAYS 8 guaranteed hours per grant cycle 16 guaranteed hours per grant cycle 24 guaranteed hours per grant cycle
  EQUIPMENT RENTAL (OFF-SITE) Two (2) guaranteed days per grant cycle Four (4) guaranteed days per grant cycle Six (6) guaranteed days per grant cycle
NOTE: Any use of studios and facilities requires prior training and certification by DCTV and does not include creative support.
Additional time for studio use, editing bays, and equipment rental may be granted on request, subject to availability.
  ADDITIONAL DESIGNEES $40 each $30 each $20 each





The DCTV capacity building grant program offers eligible nonprofits an array of benefits that build organizational communications and storytelling capability and provides an ongoing presence on cable television. We designed these grants to offer training and expert guidance to the nonprofit community, which enables you to robustly expand your impact within the DC community.

“Grant Level” is the amount of money your organization contributes to receive the grant. The grant term is initially one year and requires a very small organizational match. DCTV will provide documentation so that you can appropriately record “in-kind” services in your financial records. Grants may be extended or renewed with DCTV approval.

“Grant Value” equates to the real market rate an organization would usually pay for the totality of services at that level. Grant values generally range from $10,000 to more than $50,000 depending on the grant level; the actual value depends on how much you use the available benefits.

Grantees are eligible and may choose to apply for grants at various benefits levels, detailed in the following pages.



Created by and for DC communities, DCTV provides programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on cable television. DCTV provides a forum for local voices on our Flagship, Enrichment, and Focus channels, all which air on Comcast, RCN, and Verizon. We will produce custom content and schedule it in available timeslots in accordance with DCTV policy, guidelines, and discretion.

Public Service Announcement (PSA) Airing

DCTV will air a grantee’s Public Service Announcement (PSA) in open time slots as available. Depending on the grant level, a grantee may submit multiple PSAs that can be rotated and alternated throughout the programming schedule.

Program Spotlight

DCTV will offer grantees a guest/expert feature or appearance on a DCTV-produced show. These Program Spotlights provide the nonprofit an opportunity to appear and contribute to a television show, sharing their organization’s work and/or commenting on a topic of their expertise.

Program Spotlight Promos

In advance of the grantee’s Program Spotlight, DCTV will air promotional spot(s) highlighting the nonprofit’s upcoming feature or appearance. Placement of these promos will depend on grant level, airtime availability, and programming discretion.

Community Calendar

DCTV regularly runs a Community Calendar (Bulletin) on air which highlights upcoming activities throughout the District. Grantees will receive priority placement for on-air listings of your events.


Pre-Packaged Content

As a grantee of DCTV, you are eligible to receive free airtime for pre-packaged content and programming created by your organization. DCTV will schedule, promote, televise, and stream your content. Please note: Programming must meet DCTV requirements and community standards. All content is scheduled in available timeslots in accordance with DCTV policy and guidelines.


DCTV is honored to have a talented group of creatives on our professional production team. We can help you create all the storytelling tools you need across multiple platforms.

PSA Development

Public Service Announcements are a quick and easy way to get a message across to the masses concerning your organization’s work or area of interest. All levels of grantees receive some assistance with a PSA, from consultation and resource toolkits to development support. At the Gold grant level, DCTV will work with you to produce a custom 30-second PSA from start to finish.

Media Strategy Consultation

Local nonprofits often don’t have teams dedicated to communications and media. DCTV staff have experience working in all forms of media and will provide a certain number of free hours to help your nonprofit team build a media plan and strategy. You can also request a quote for additional consultation any time.

Content Repackaging for Digital Media

If nonprofits participate in Program Spotlights, DCTV will cut excerpts of those appearances into shareable clips that the organization can use for digital distribution on platforms like their website or social media channels.

In-House, Off-Site and/or Post-Production Services

Our team of producers, editors, and videographers is trained in state-of-the-art equipment and creative processes. With all the capabilities of a professional production studio, DCTV can assist with any of your audio, video, and editing needs. Grantees can receive an additional discount on top of the already discounted rates.

Program Spotlight Promotion

In advance of the grantee’s Program Spotlight, DCTV will produce promotional spot(s) to announce and highlight the nonprofit’s upcoming feature or appearance. DCTV will create short customized promo(s) for airing per programming availability.



DCTV maintains a vibrant team of skilled training staff who is available to help build the communication and storytelling capacity of your nonprofit.

Media Education Classes

All grantees receive priority registration and a discount on DCTV media education classes. These hands-on classes train participants to take your communications and storytelling to a whole new level. Class offerings and schedules will vary.

Custom Media Education

DCTV currently offers below market cost media education programs customized to any organization’s needs. Each workshop is custom quoted and can be conducted at DCTV with our equipment and facilities, or on site using your own equipment. As a grantee of DCTV, your organization is eligible to receive a 15% discount on custom production workshops or consultations.

Mobile Media Training

In today’s digital world, anyone can create great content without access to professional equipment and studios. We want to equip you to capture stories at a moment’s notice. As a DCTV grantee, you’ll be invited to participate in a pro bono special training on creating and optimizing videos on cell phones and tablets using the latest editing apps. You will learn how to capture footage on the run and turn it into a compelling communications tool.



DCTV grantees have access to event space, use of studios and editing bays, and the opportunity to rent professional equipment. Any use of studios and facilities requires prior training and certification by DCTV and does not include creative support. Additional time for studio use, editing bays, and equipment rental may be granted on request, subject to availability. You can also request a quote for DCTV equipment operation, editing services, and start-to-finish production services.

Event Space

DCTV lives in the historic Brooks Mansion in Brookland right next to the Brookland/CUA Metro Station. Our historic mansion and state of the art studio facilities offer a unique space to host small to medium-size events. The building includes conference rooms, open areas, and a spacious outdoor lawn along with a private parking lot. Grantees receive a range of rental discounts depending on grant type. Gold level grantees also receive one complimentary weekday daytime conference room rental during your grant year.


DCTV currently has two television studios one with a traditional set and one with a green screen. Each grantee has guaranteed access for a specified number of hours each grant cycle. Your organization can use our in-house equipment or bring your own.

Editing Bays

DCTV currently maintains eight editing bays for grantees to edit video footage for their nonprofit’s use. Each grantee receives a specified number of guaranteed hours per grant cycle. Please note: you are required to complete equipment and software training prior to being granted access to the editing bays.

Equipment Rental (Off-Site)

As a full-scale television studio, DCTV maintains a variety of video and audio equipment. As a grantee, you can check out equipment for your organization’s use outside of DCTV premises. Each grantee is afforded a specified number of days per grant cycle for guaranteed equipment use. Please note: Users must be trained and certified by DCTV staff in order to take equipment off-site. Additionally, due to funding restrictions, only DC-based nonprofits qualify for free equipment rental.



Voice Awards

The Voice Awards is our distinctive awards program for the creative sector in the District of Columbia. We present awards to outstanding grantees in a variety of categories. All content you create with your DCTV grant or the impact you make through your participation in a DCTV-created program is eligible for award consideration. Additionally, grantees receive a specified number of complimentary tickets to the Voice Awards. The number of tickets depends on your grant level, are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and must be reserved ahead of time.

Networking Events

DCTV is committed to building a thriving nonprofit community in the District of Columbia. DCTV hosts quarterly networking events for grantees and community partners so you can connect and engage more directly with one another. Opportunities abound to share interests and concepts for collaborative video and/or television productions that highlight shared progress in the social sector.


Authorized Designees

To take advantage of DCTV benefits (i.e., use equipment, attend media education classes, attend networking events, use studio space), every grantee must authorize certain individuals from the organization to access the grant services. Each grantee must have a primary contact who coordinates the grant on the nonprofit’s behalf. Additional designees can be added as authorized users depending on grant level.

Additional Designees

If the allocated number of designees for your grant is not sufficient for your organization, additional people can be added for the cost noted in the grant program structure. There is a maximum of 20 additional designees per grant.

Volunteer Network

DCTV trains and provides a creative home to independent producers, videographers, and editors who are constantly working to hone their craft. DCTV will connect grantees with their exclusive list of trained and certified volunteer producers and crew members who can potentially support your organization by bringing valuable expertise to your production capabilities.