Ready to create and produce your project? Let’s go!

Producers are DCTV members who have successfully completed our Producing course and have become certified. As a DCTV producer, you can begin developing your content by working with your own personal DCTV project manager. Your project manager guide you through the entire producing process.

Start producing your program in 4 simple steps:

  1. Become a certified producer.
  2. Complete and submit your Program Proposal Form.
  3. Someone from our friendly production staff will contact you to set up a meeting.
  4. Meet with your assigned project manager.
  5. Start creating!

Certified Crew Volunteers

After you meet with your project manager, you will receive access to our database of certified videographers, editors, and studio technicians who can help you with your project.

Quick Tip: Attend DCTV events and workshops to connect with like-minded members. Also consider taking our technical courses to gain greater access to our equipment and facilities.

Crew Call

Ready to build your crew? Post a Crew Call. Tell people about your project and start collaborating with your peers. When pitching your idea, remember to tell your story — people want to know why your project is important to you and the community.

Quick tip: Use the elevator pitch approach — keep it short, sweet and engaging.
Policy Regarding Commercial Content